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Lemon Pepper Seasoning

Leena Spices

Lemon pepper seasoning is one of the most universal cooking spices. Its versatility makes it a common addition to any kitchen cupboard and its taste packs a zesty punch that people tend to love. If you haven’t cooked with the seasoning, then surely you have at least heard of it. However, you may not have heard of the amazing health benefits the mix of herbs and spices provide to those who use it.

What is Lemon Pepper? 

Lemon pepper seasoning has two main ingredients: Lemon and black pepper. Most recipes mash lemon zest with black pepper until the two are infused together. Then the mix is baked and dried, with other ingredients added to provide additional flavours. Other common ingredients include garlic powder and salt, with some recipes adding herbs to the mix, creating an aromatic and flavoursome combination.

The seasoning is extremely versatile and can be added to poultry, seafood, soup, salads, meat, rice, and so much more. Read Here...

Health Benefits 

Lemon pepper not only tastes amazing but also has some incredible health benefits too. Its mix of ingredients all serves a different purpose that the body and mind love.

Black pepper has antibacterial properties, which aids in the preservation of food, and also has strong antioxidant properties, helping to combat free radicals.

  • The compound in peppercorns called piperine helps transport beneficial herbs and spices to the body, making them more bioavailable. This is also the compound that gives pepper that spicy taste.
  • The ingredients that make up the spice also provide 0 calories. You can add it to your food without any guilt.

Not all lemon pepper mixes are the same and some contain nasty ingredients such as preservatives, sugar, and salt. Using the Lena Spices Lemon Pepper Seasoning means you get that amazing flavour with only 100% good ingredients.

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