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Leena Spices

Advieh Persian Pure Seasoning No Additives - Leena Spices


Advieh Persian Pure Seasoning No Additives - Leena Spice

All your herbs and spices are packed fresh in resealable bags before we ship

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Leena Advieh Spice Contains

No Chilies

No Food Colour

No Additives

No Dilution

No Preservatives

No Salt

No Sugar

No Fat

No Nuts

No Sodium

All Natural

100% Pure


From the depths of Ancient Persia comes Advieh spice blend. The seasoning has stood the test of time, used in Persian cooking for over 2000 years. First created in the Cyrus the Great period, this delightful spice was also used for its medicinal health benefits, said to treat high blood pressure and improve digestion.

A wonder spice, with family recipes passed from generation to generation. The Persian love of cooking and seasoning combine to create a delightful, smokey mix of herbs and spices, perfect for sprinkling over rice, used in stews, or as a rub for grilled vegetables and meat.

The intricate mix of flavours bounce off the plate and bombard your soul with warmth and goodness.

Cumin adds a deep earthy flavour, cloves give warmth and character with their floral taste, and black pepper offers a bit of heat. Cinnamon is a sweetness that sticks to the tongue, while rose petals create an aroma unmatched by other seasonings. This is all topped off with the magic of saffron – an expensive, superb taste.

Advieh Persian Spice is a glorious addition to any kitchen cupboard. The Persians transformed their cooking with this seasoning, and you can too. Add Advieh spice seasoning to your cupboard  and bask in the flavour and aroma it produces.

Try it in your cooking today.

Warm, aromatic and sweet blend for rice, pilaf, meat, fish, vegetables, frittata, stew, soup and pickles.

Ingredients: Caraway, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Cloves, Coriander, Cumin, Ginger, Nutmeg, Paprika, Rose Petal, Saffron and Turmeric. 

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