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Sambar or Sambhar is a tangy lentil soup popular in Southern parts of India. Great accompaniment with any meal, particularly, with rice, Idli, Dosa or Uttapam.

Leena Sambar Masala can also be used in other vegetarian or non vegetarian dishes, for a delicious tangy flavour that will leave your taste buds asking for more.

(Recipe on the back.)

No preservatives or additives such as food colouring. Salt free, Gluten free, Nut free and Fat free. 100% pure.

Ingredients: Asafoetida, Cumin, Coriander, Chana Dal (Split Bengal Gram), Urad Dal (Split Black Gram), Fenugreek, Mustard Seeds, Coconut Powder, Curry Leaves, Black Pepper and Turmeric.

Net Weight: 50g / 1.76oz        $5.00




½ cup Tur Dal or Split Pigeon Pea, 1 cup Tamarind Juice, 1 Onion (chopped), 1 cup Mixed Vegetables, 2 tsp Leenas Sambar Masala, Pinch of Sugar, and Salt to taste.

For Tempering: 1 tsp Mustard Seeds, ½ tsp Fenugreek Seeds, ½ tsp Cumin Seeds, 1 Red Chili, 1 Tbsp Coconut Oil (or any oil), a few curry leaves.


1) Blanche the vegetables and keep aside.

2) Soak dal for 20 minutes.

3) Boil the dal and onion together until soft.

4) Add vegetable to the cooked dal. Add sambar powder, salt, sugar, and tamarind juice. If sambar is too thick, add more water.

5) For tempering, heat oil in a small pan. Add mustard seeds and cook till they pop. Add the rest of the tempering ingredients and fry for 1 minute or until brown.

6) Pour tempered mixture into sambar prepared earlier. Mix well and cook for 10 minutes on high heat.

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