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Sri Lankan Spice Blend - Without this your kitchen pantry collection is incomplete

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Sri Lanka is a slightly built island in the Indian Ocean and shares the neighborhood with India. It is a kingdom of spices that makes this teardrop-shaped island, a massive exporter of spices and herbs. The most famous of all spices is Sri Lankan Curry Powder that can easily be found in the kitchen cabinets of every Sinhalese home.

If you are planning to cook an exotic dish, then nothing hits the taste buds quite like a Sri Lankan curry. It reflects a staggering amount of flavor and a fragrance that you can only winkle out from a world-class cuisine.

Other Names

  • Sri Lankan curry powder
  • Thuna-Paha (in Sir Lankan language)

The flavor profile of Sinhalese Thuna Paha Curry Powder

A genuine quality Sri Lankan Curry Powder is strongly aromatic and bestows influential, powerful, complex, and world-class flavors. This spice mix is formed by the overflowing, generous and wonderful phenomenon, one-of-its-kind. And indeed with a mix of exotic and flavorful spices and herbs in just the right proportion. It is mild to moderate and has an awe-inspiring taste.

This celebrated spice mix gets its sweet, elusive, and subtle flavor from cinnamon which doesn't mask the flavor of other ingredients. Black pepper_one of the most widely used spice in Sinhalese kitchens adds a strong pungent and peppery note. Cloves offer a perfect balance of sweet, bitter, and astringent flavors. Cloves also do the magic by adding a stimulating, intense, and warm base of taste and aroma. The spice blend gets the special treat of earthy, nutty, and smoky hints from cumin and coriander. The unique trio of mustard seeds, fenugreek, and curry leaves speak for characteristic flavors and extreme aroma that make you have a slightly sweet, lemony, and pungent bite with a nutty aroma.

Culinary Uses: How Sir Lankan Curry Powder can be put to use?

Now that you have purchased the crown spice of Sir Lanka, you probably would have certain questions popping in your mind as_how can it be brought into your desired cooking? What meals and recipes you can use it with? What dishes would be its perfect pair? Let's make it easy and handy for you so you spare most of your time and energy in cooking for friends and family. Here are some ways you can use Sir Lankan Curry Powder to make yourself a delicious and enriched dish for lunch or dinner.

Vegetable Curry

This all-rounder zealous spice blend doesn't limit its usefulness in meaty meals and menus but  has successfully proven it's magnificent flavor in vegetarian menus as well.

Thuna Paha Curry Powder quickly gets homogenous with the vegetable and adds a tasty kick without messing up with the red jewel-like color of curry.

Chicken Curry

This easy-to-make chicken curry sings the praises of yummy mummy flavors of Sri Lankan Curry Powder that makes everyone wanting for more. It is mostly served with naan bread.

Beef Curry

Sir Lankan Spice Blend pairs excellently with beef curry. This spice seasoning gives you an experience for a traditional, classy, & rich flavor of beef that goes well every time for the real country favourite feast.

Lamb or Mutton Curry

Using Sir Lankan Spice Blend while cooking lamb gives you nothing other than a bold and extravagantly delicious curry that makes you fall in love with your food. The enhanced flavors and aroma of super soft and tender meat earn this spice product a permanent shelter in your kitchen cabinet.

Cashew Curry

Overnight-soaked cashew when cooking with Sri Lankan Curry Powder, is nothing less than a pure food comforter. It's healthy. It's gluten-free. It's delicious. It's full of mild and warm taste. It's a perfect pick for those who have extra love for vegan recipes.

Onion Sambal

It's a traditional Sir Lankan side dish that cannot be served on the dining table unless it's paired with its best friend Yes, you got it. It's the Sri Lankan Curry Powder that makes sure that your palate enjoy the taste of every bite you grab of this flavorful side dish.

Prawn Curry

A little sprinkle of curry blend here and there over prawns while cooking them in a pan or on a barbecue plays a massive chef-like trick to stimulate the senses.

Get the adrenaline-rush of emotion: Wow to Holy Cow

This Authentic spice mix has all the secret ingredients that make the best spicy, juicy, and creamy curry you ever had. It's effective. It's easy as we have done all the labor of mixing the right amount of best ingredients to serve you with a game-changer spice seasoning. There is no way that you can mess up your curry. This magical blend will take your curry dish to a whole new level and will transform your feelings straight from Wow_this is delicious to Holy Cow_where has this been before!

Ingredients that make up Sri Lankan Spice Blend

You might be stunned and filled with wonder to get the wind of the fact that there is a jumbo total of 12 ingredients in our Sir Lankan curry powder. Let's not make you guess what these ingredients would be. These are

  • Black pepper
  • Cinnamon
  • Cloves
  • Coriander
  • Cumin
  • Curry leaves
  • Fennel
  • Cardamom
  • Mustard seeds
  • Turmeric
  • Fenugreek
  • Paprika

Try now. Try today.

If you are a flavor-packed curry enthusiast and love food or have a passion to learn about traditional Sri Lankan cuisine, then this roasted Sri Lankan Curry Powder is a fantastic spice blend that has the spark to provide the flavor base for all kinds of curries. It's the right time to give a warm-spicy punch to your salivary glands. So don't miss it out!

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