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 Go Gluten Free With Leena Spices

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 Q: Are Leena Spices blends gluten-free?

A: Yes. All our spice blends are gluten-free. When we make spices we grind whole ingredients and don’t use any powder form.

Q: Are your spices hot?

A: No. There is a common misconception that spices are supposed to be hot. There is a difference between spicy and being hot. All Leena spice blends are very mild. We don’t put any chillies and you can add your own.

Q: Are your spices nut-free?

A: Absolutely yes. We don’t add any preservatives or additives like nuts, flour, sugar, salt, artificial colouring or anything extra. Our blends are just the mix of ingredients that are on the label. Leena Spices are all-natural.

Q: How much quantity can I use for cooking?

A: Since our spices are pure just 1 to 2 teaspoons are enough depending on your taste. This is the required amount for a family of 4 to 5 members. Our website has many recipes with suggestions.

Q: How can I keep my spices fresh?

A: All our spices come in eco-friendly resealable bags. After use just keep them in a dark place in the pantry or drawer.

Q: Will my spice taste the same next time?

A: We suggest that you use the blends within two years after opening. Nothing will go wrong because there are no additives.

Q: How soon will I get my order.

A: We make spices in small quantities and pack them fresh for you. Depending on demand you will be shipped within 3 to 4 days after you place an order. We send on a first-come basis.

Q: How much do you charge on shipping?

A: We ship all orders tracked via courier. Our minimum rate is $5.80 for 300g within New Zealand. That means you can add more products to the cart at the same rate. When you add to the cart you can see if the shipping rate stays the same or varies. This way you can make a better decision. When you are on our website you can tap on the shipping rates link for all details.

Q: Do you charge extra for rural addresses?

A: No. Our rates are the same for all addresses throughout New Zealand.

Q: What if I don’t like the taste?

A: We have a 100% money-back guarantee. Our customers love our products. We never had any returns.

You are welcome to contact us with any other questions.

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