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9 tips for cooking The Ultimate Butter Chicken

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The art of cooking Indian food has been perfected over the centuries with recipes being passed from generation to generation and family to family. With these recipes comes not only ingredients but also techniques and tips that make cooking your classic Butter Chicken curry easy.

Try our top 9 tips when you make your next Butter Chicken 


  1. Go simple with spices.

With so many spices out there, it can all seem a little overwhelming. The best thing to do is start simple and buy and tried and tested spice mix such as the Leena Butter Chicken Curry Masala Spice. From there you can start to experiment with other spices and herbs.


  1. Buy spices in small quantities.

When you open a pack of spice it can lose its kick after some time, so make sure you are buying in smaller quantities while you’re trying new recipes.


  1. Machine power is best when grinding your own.

Feeling like an expert already? If you do choose to grind your own spices, then make sure you used something like a coffee grinder. Grinding your own spices for a butter chicken can be fun but make sure to replace blades often as they will weaken.


  1. Use the freezer.

The freezer is a great place to store specialised ‘fresh’ ingredients such as curry leaves and dill. Having it ready to go in the freezer means you don’t have to buy it fresh.


  1. Freeze minced garlic.

Food prepping is key to making that wonderful butter chicken. Try freezing minced garlic and minced ginger in ice cube trays. Once frozen you can push them out and throw them in a zip lock bag ready for that butter chicken curry. The best time-saver.


  1. Use Greek Yoghurt instead of cream.

Greek Yoghurt is amazing at adding that thick and creamy texture to a butter chicken. It’s also a lot healthier than cream.


  1. Add sugar

Adding a pinch of sugar while the oil is heating up helps to create a natural red colour in your butter chicken curry.


  1. Pressure cooker.

Learn to use a pressure cooker and you will save yourself so much time in the kitchen.


  1. Make extra food!

There is a lot of love and effort that goes into making a butter chicken curry – so you may as well make sure you have more for leftovers.


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