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Tomato and Apple Sauce

Leena Irani


* Tomatoes chopped  2kg

* Green apples chopped 4

* Large onions chopped 6

* Vinegar 4 litres

* Garlic cloves chopped 6

* Sugar 1kg

* Cayenne pepper 1tsp

* Maple syrup 800g

* Leena Garam Masala 1tsp 


1. Put tomatoes, apples, onions in a litre of vinegar and cook until soft.

2. Add Leena garam masala, vinegar, garlic, sugar, pepper, and maple syrup.

3. Boil for an hour or until the mixture has thickened.

4. Strain the mixture. Pour into sterilised bottle.

5. Can be used as marinades or in casseroles.


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