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Amok Curry Powder and The Famous Cambodian Curry

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Amok Curry Powder and The Famous Cambodian Curry 

Cambodia is not only a well-known travel destination but also a hub for delicious food and culture. One of the most famous dishes Cambodia has to offer is amok curry. The curry uses a combination of amok curry powder spices and herbs, seasoned over fish, combined with coconut milk, and served in a banana leaf. The classic combination of ingredients in the amok curry powder includes black pepper, coriander, cumin, galangal, garlic, ginger, kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass, paprika, and turmeric. 

Its origins are unknown 

Though no one knows the exact origin or this traditional dish, some say its use of freshwater fish makes inland a safe bet. The meal is best with fish from a healthy, freshwater river – giving the perfect texture without it being too dry. 

It's all about the amok curry powder 

The aromatic a flavoursome curry powder acts as the base for the dish and provides the amok spice. The dish's dominant taste is lemongrass with hints of flavour from turmeric and coconut cream, while undertones of herbs add a freshness. 

Traditionally served with banana leaves 

While the banana leaves are used to serve the dish, they are also utilised in the cooking process through a steaming method. The word 'amok' refers to that process. After the meat has marinated, it is wrapped in the leaves and steamed. This traditional method is practised by many Cambodian's. However, if you choose to make the dish at home, frying the fish in a pan can also produce a delicious taste. 

For centuries the people of Cambodia have used fish in this dish; though, chicken is also a welcomed addition and complements the flavour nicely. 

This aromatic dish is as tasty as it sounds, and if you would like to try it, Leena Spices offer a preservative-free additive-free version of the amok curry powder. With Recipe.

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