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Dried Red Capsicums Bell Pepper Flakes

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Dried Red Capsicum Is A Cooking God 

Dried Red Capsicum or also called Bell Pepper Flakes is a glorious ingredient that has the ability to transform any dish. Its sweet and full flavour makes curry’s pop and stews rich with taste and although the red pepper flakes are small, they pack a punch. The ingredient is created by washing, trimming, and dehydrating the capsicum vegetable. For centuries, humans have been using capsicum in varying ways to produce amazing dishes.

The History of Capsicum 

Capsicum has been consumed by humans for years. There is evidence of the vegetable that dates back as far as 7500BC, first appearing in South America. However, by 5200BC it had quickly spread to Central America. The plant was used in cooking to create red pepper flakes and other spices, used as a medicine, and consumed whole.

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Some say that Christopher Columbus was responsible for spreading the vegetable over the world. He referred to the plant as a ‘red pepper’ and to this day the majority of the world still calls it a ‘red bell pepper’. The bell comes from the bell-shaped stalk at the top of the vegetable. In New Zealand and India, we refer to it as capsicum.

Hot spices such as dried red capsicum had extreme value and were used to transform banal and bland meals, making them more bearable to eat.

How Capsicum Is Used Today 

Today many countries and cultures use dried red capsicum and fresh capsicum to create amazing food. The Spanish include the vegetable in chorizo sausages and in Hungry they add it to a famous stew along with tomato, onion, garlic, and lard. Other parts of Europe (especially the Mediterranean) include it in salads.

In New Zealand people love to cook it in a stir fry, however, the process of creating dried red capsicum is becoming more popular. The sweet and deep taste offers more than fresh capsicum alone.

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