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All Indian Spice Blends

Indian Spice Blends

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Many people ask us what exactly is a “masala”?

Simply to translate into English “masala is a blend of various herbs and spices”.

There is a common misconception that Indian food has to be hot in taste. This is extremely absurd. Being hot and being spicy are terms opposite  end to each other. Most of the spice companies think that Indian dishes are all about chili and heat. That is why their Indian spice blends are fiery hot. This puts off innocent customers who have intolerance to heat. All that coloring and preservatives could be medically harmful for the body as well.

On the contrary Leena Indian spice blends are very different. All our herbs and spices are free from such gimmicks. Our company policy is strictly “no adulteration” of any kind. We believe that consumers can add their own chilies, salt or sugar if they want to. That is why all our spices are 100% pure.

Like any other conventional dishes, cooking with different Indian spice blends is an art. To extract the traditional taste much experience is required. The secret to delicious curries is using the right amount of herbs and spices in the right mix. But you don’t need to be concerned with that because, here is what we have done.

We have tested and tried all the different ingredients comprehensively until we got the most accurate mix of each spice blend. That is why they taste just like homemade. To cook the most tasty and appetizing meals use them as directed. You can also improvise your own ways and the flavor will stay.

Indian spice blends are the favorites of many and a directory of world spices would be incomplete without including essential Indian spices. Most food lovers are under the wrong impression that cooking Indian Curries is difficult and time-consuming. When you follow our easy to cook recipes you will be amazed at your own skills. Surprise your family and friends with those tantalizing aromas and mouth watering flavors. Save money on expensive restaurants and enjoy your own kitchen made quality food. All our curry spices come with an easy to cook recipe at the back. Whether it is vegetarian Indian cooking or any other form, our free recipe cookbook has all the mouth watering recipes. Check out the list of Indian spice blends and buy online now.

For the best results keep all your herbs and spices in a cool and dark place. This can be a kitchen drawer or a pantry.

All spice blends are packed fresh in resealable bags before we ship

Make World A Better Place


Say No To Food Adulteration


Leena Spices Blends Contain

No Chilies

No Food Colour

No Additives

No Dilution

No Preservatives

No Salt

No Sugar

No Fat

No Nuts

No Sodium

All Natural

100% Pure

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