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Welcome to our web store Leena Spices. My name is Leena Irani. And very proud to be a Kiwi. I run this business with the help of my husband and daughters.
We have an authentic range of spices that will add an exotic flavour and aroma to your food. Did you ever realize that most people are too busy eating, without even enjoying their meals? I used to be just like them. I used to eat my meals and that is it. If I wanted an occasional change I would go to a restaurant. Finally I got tired of tasteless food. I have been cooking for years working hard to put that extra flavour to my dishes. I tried everything available on the shelf. Still there was something lacking in the taste. Everything was bland and boring.  After years of testing I found the recipes for the right spices. That was when  we started Leena Spices®. It is a New Zealand owned company and was established in 2013.
To the envy of our competitors not only our  spice makes the food tasty, but it can also be used in about any type of cooking.
For eg; Our authentic  Garam Masala is made from the finest ingredients. It is a blend of 14 fresh aromatic spices roasted and blended in just the right proportion. See if you can find that many ingredients in any other company’s products.
Our  spices are made fresh under strict quality control, following traditional recipes passed down for generations. We are also dedicated in providing an outstanding level of customer service and satisfaction.
Leena spices are famous throughout the country. Recently we started exporting to USA, UK, Australia, Canada and other countries With blends from all over the world, you can bring any flavour alive to your dishes. We even include recipes to make it that much easier! Just add a couple of teaspoons and you will never look back.
Being all pure, Leena Spices products literally contain nothing but spice. No preservatives, no additives, no dilution, no colouring, salt free, fat free, nut free - even chilli free! Since the blends are so pure each pouch will make about 10 times dishes for a family of 4 members. This is just an estimate and depends on individual taste. The concentrated goodness of our blends means you don't need to use as much and they last for a long time.
All our spices are packed in resealable and reusable pouch.
We stand by our products. If you are not happy we guarantee that we will give your money back. This is a 100%  promise.



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