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Authentic Nihari Spice Masala Pure Spice No Additives Leena Spices

Leena Spices

Authentic Nihari Spice Masala Pure Spice No Additives Leena Spices


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    Nihari Spice Masala Pure Spice No Additives Leena Spices

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    Say "NO" To Food Adulteration


    Leena Nihari Spice Contains

    No Chilies

    No Food Colour

    No Additives

    No Dilution

    No Preservatives

    No Salt

    No Sugar

    No Fat

    No Nuts

    No Sodium

    All Natural

    100% Pure


    Nihari masala seasoning spice is a blend of spices commonly used in the preparation of Nihari, a traditional slow-cooked stew originating from the Indian subcontinent. It originated in the Mughal kitchens of Delhi during the 18th century and later spread to different regions. The word "Nihari" is derived from the Arabic word "Nahar," which means "day," indicating that it was traditionally eaten as a breakfast or lunch dish after the morning prayers, particularly during the Mughal era.

    Originally, Nihari was prepared using slow-cooked beef or mutton shanks, along with bone marrow, which imparted a rich and hearty flavor to the stew.

    Over time, Nihari evolved into a beloved dish enjoyed by people of all backgrounds across the Indian subcontinent. It spread to different regions and underwent modifications to suit local tastes and ingredients. In Pakistan, Nihari gained popularity, particularly in Punjab and Sindh provinces, where it became a staple dish served in homes as well as in restaurants and street food stalls.

    Today, Nihari is typically served with garnishes such as chopped cilantro, ginger, green chilies, and lemon wedges, along with traditional accompaniments like naan or rice. It is enjoyed not only for its rich and complex flavors but also for its comforting and satisfying nature, making it a favorite choice for special occasions as well as everyday meals.

    Made with a masterful combination of hand-selected ingredients, Authentic Leena Nihari Masala Spice blend brings the rich heritage and tantalizing aroma of Nihari stew straight to your kitchen.

    Try this preservative-free Nihari Spice Powder today.

    Add 2 teaspoons per 500g of meat. Adjust according to your taste.

    Ingredients:  Bay leaves, Cardamom, Caraway, Cinnamon, Cloves, Coriander, Cumin, Fennel, Ginger, Mace, Nutmeg, Paprika, Star anise, and Turmeric. 

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