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8 ways to get comfortable cooking with herbs and spices

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The cuisine teaches how appropriately using seasonings and spices can give rise to a world of distinction when striving to create delicious and aromatic dishes. Nonetheless, they can be tricky and intimidating to use, particularly among learner cooks, and recognizing the right spices to include and whether or not to use dried or fresh herbs is a challenging conundrum. These eight tips should help any cook feel more comfortable using herbs and spices in the kitchen.

Using Dried Herbs

Frequently, a recipe will call for dried herbs. However, if you're attempting to create your dish from scratch without following a recipe, it's essential to know when to use dried herbs such as cardamom black, bayleaf, and black garlic powder. Dried herbs are best suited to feature during the cooking process. For instance, you'll add the dried variation of those herbs to a spaghetti sauce while cooking.

Substituting Dried Herbs for Fresh Herbs

Many people don't bother with fresh herbs, as they could be unsure of once they will have an opportunity to use them and don't want to risk having to throw them out. Meanwhile, dried herbs and spices technically don't have an expiration date, although they're going to lose potency after a year or two. While some recipes are certainly better with fresh herbs from a flavor standpoint, dried herbs can typically be substituted at a reduced measurement. Generally speaking, one tablespoon of a fresh herb is adequate to one teaspoon of a dried herb.

When to add spices?

Powdered spices release their flavors much quickly so that they are often added towards the top of the cooking time. On the other hand, whole spices release flavors slowly to be added at the start of the cooking process.

How much spice is enough?

That's the question most people ask, but there's no hard and fast rule on the proper amount to be used because it's always the combined effect of the spice flavor and, therefore, the food that provides it the taste. It's a simple idea to travel by the time-tested recipe. Generally, pungent spices like cayenne pepper, cloves, star anise, and cinnamon are used sparingly.

Learning the Lingo

Some recipes might list ingredients differently, for instance, "minced parsley" and "parsley, minced." These mean different things. If a recipe involves two tablespoons of minced parsley, it means you want to mince before measuring, whereas the latter consists of measuring before you mince. While you'll usually end up with the same amount either way when working with leafy herbs, it's good to know if you're a stickler for details.

Using the Chiffonade Knife Technique

There is generally no instruction for chopping and mincing herbs like thyme and oregano. You can cut them as thin as you'd like. However, the chiffonade may be a popular knife technique that's particularly useful when cutting basil, mint, or other broad-leaved plants. You can stack the leaves and roll them into the shape of a cylinder before slicing across the ends. This will create fine strips of the herb, used as toppers for soups or salads or stirred into dips.

Understanding What to Do if You Over Spice

Since herbs and spices can be easily added to enhance the flavor of any dish during or after cooking, you can sometimes overdo it with spices like paprika or cayenne and create a dish that is too spicy. Don't worry about it; this can be easily fixed by adding a small amount of something sweet such as honey, sugar, or maple syrup.

Enhancing Flavor

While herbs and spices are an excellent thanks to enhancing the flavor of any dish, you'll also boost their potency in a sort of way. You can crush dried herbs and spices with a coffee mill or two pans to reinforce their flavor or also soak them in hot water for a few seconds or toast them in a pan for a few minutes. This is particularly useful for older spices that may have lost some potency.

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