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Balti Masala Spice

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Balti masala spice not only tastes good but offers some amazing health benefits too. Next time you are on the hunt for this superior ingredient, remember that it packs a punch with goodness. Balti is usually cooked in a round-bottomed pan with two handles. The spice itself is similar to Szechuan cooking seen in China and Tibet. The warming nature of this spice is due to the combination of ingredients. These ingredients are commonly:

black pepper






curry leaves



garam masala





6 benefits of Balti masala 

Helps with general immunity 

This spice boosts your body's natural immunity and improves the ability to fight off colds, thanks to the beneficial ingredients such as ginger and garlic.

Lower blood pressure 

It has been suggested that cinnamon can have a reasonable effect in improving glycaemic control. This in turn supports in managing type 2 diabetes.

Relieve the pain of arthritis 

Ginger has been proven to ease joint paint caused by arthritis. It does this by reducing swelling and easing the pain associated with inflammation of the joints.

May prevent cancer 

Balti masala spice has been used for centuries

Allicin is a chemical found in garlic, is proven to have anti-cancer benefits.

Ease digestion 

Balti spices such as, cardamom and black pepper all having amazing properties and are perfect for digestion problems.

Balti helps lower your cholesterol 

Garlic, onion have been found to help reduce high cholesterol levels.

Whether you are a seasoned pro in the kitchen or using this spice for the first time, Leena Spice is the place to go - with their additive free, preservative free and filler free recipe. Transform your cooking and purchase a Balti Masala spice today.

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