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The Baking Spice Trend 

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More and more cooks and home bakers are wanting authentic flavours. They want the taste of traditional herbs in their cooking and spices in their baking. Whether it’s ginger in a slice or cinnamon in a cookie, the options are endless. The movement back to authentic flavour profiles is trending this year, and cooks and customers alike are demanding that the taste reflect this trend. Cooks want real ingredients with natural, authentic flavours – such as baking spice. That’s actual cooking. That’s tasty. 

Why baking spice? 

Adding spices to your baking can ensure exceptional flavour and aroma that is unmatched by other desserts or treats. The increase in home baking this year and last have seen baking spice rise in popularity. People love it for its versatility and taste. 


7 ingredients that add spice and flavour to your baking 

There are many varieties of spices for baking, and it is hard to narrow down the best. However, we have managed to choose our top seven.

  1. Allspice 

A warm and inviting taste

  1. Cardamom 

A complex aroma with a piney and fruity taste, perfect to include as a baking spice.

  1. Cinnamon 

Sweet and wonderful. This spice has been used in baking for years.

  1. Cloves 

Subtly sweet flavour with a hint of bitterness. This pairs well with other spices for baking.  

  1. Ginger 

A slight kick a freshness that adds a deep flavour to any sweet dish. The perfect spice for baking.

  1. Nutmeg 

Warm, nutty flavour, making it the perfect baking spice to comforting sweet food. 

  1. Orange Zest

The freshness and sweet taste of orange is a delightful addition to baking, especially in the summer months. 

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