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Chermoula The Wonder Spice Blend

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Chermoula has hailed from a variety of countries in Africa, including Morocco, Tunisia, and Algeria. It is a fancy, multiform, heterogeneous, and exotic blend of organic spices & herbs. It's an exquisitely and meticulously balanced spice mix that comprises a fully flavored combination of dried lemon, turmeric, cinnamon, allspice, and more. Chermoula spice seasoning is a magnificent flavor combination for your recipe, which will inspire you to love cooking and baking. This spice mix is a true classic and is an essential spice to add to your kitchen cabinet.

The Flavor Profile of Chermoula Spice Blend

Ask out any random Moroccan guy what chermoula is; you will get to know that it is a lemony and tart mixture of certain spices, and dried herbs that are chiefly used to marinate fish. It adds fresh, slightly briny, and earthy notes that makes it flamboyantly a flavorful spice.

This spice blend is thought to have been crafted to touch on sweet, bitter, sour, citric, and savory flavors. All in one. It gives a multi-layered herby and spicy taste and smoky aroma to dishes and meals. It has an intimation of floral flavor. It's not super spicy on its own that why it's not offensive for taste buds. It's mild to the medium Moroccan spice blend.

Infusion of pure cumin, turmeric & ginger with the sweetness of onion powder, paprika, & parsley, and with gluten-free spice touch makes this mix, beyond the shadow of a doubt, alluvial and warming.

Cooking with Chermoula Spice Seasoning

  •  Chermoula is an integral spice mix in Moroccan cuisines. And a renowned marinade in North African cookery.
  • It is known as fish's best friend, and this simple spice blend is used in Morocco, Tunisia, and Algeria as a marinade for fresh fish.
  • In Tunisia, it's used on savory fish during Eid al-Fitr to stamp the end of Ramadan.
  • It is just a perfect spice for adding instant aroma and flavor to the fish. It is used as a dry rub for seasoning fish before baking and grilling to give a sensational Moroccan taste.
  • A tiny amount of chermoula spice mix goes a long way to give a complete Moroccan treatment to the chicken tagine as well.
  •  When roasted with Mediterranean vegetables, Chermoula Spice Mix successfully gives a burst of exotic fragrance and flavor.
  • This spice mix works amazingly wonderful with Moroccan salmon egg benedict. It also gives a delicious enrichment to the side of salmon.
  • It amalgamates a unique and not so similar kick to beef, seafood, and chicken.
  • It can be sprinkled on almost any vegetable or salad, or meat dish in the last minute to perk up the flavor.

Ingredients of Chermoula Spice Seasoning

o Cinnamon 

o Coriander 

o Allspice 

o Cumin Jeera

o Onion powder 

o Parsley 

o Dried lemon

o Turmeric 

o Paprika 

Bring that wondrous change to your cooking style.

Changing up and experimenting with novice spices and herbs leads you on the path of emerging as a diverse cook. So, if you are ready for a change, it's the perfect time to try chermoula spice blend to bring classic Middle Eastern touch to your table. This small act can transform a plain dish to get loaded with flavors and aroma. 


A single spice mix allows the home cook to keep pure flavors on hand without accommodating a spice-emporium-sized-pantry. Every square inch of your kitchen counts. Chermoula spice seasoning is housed with fully flavored and aromatic spices and herbs that can help you maximize your cooking aroma without making your kitchen too crowded.

Anyone Can Cook 

Yes, no, ifs and buts. You don't have to go to a cooking school to become a better cook. Cooking is an easy practice that you can learn only if you are enthusiastic about cooking and zealous to cook diversified food. Adding the Chermoula spice mix to your daily dish routine can improve your cooking tones in different ways. This Moroccan spice blend can take your cooking to the next level.


Buying Chermoula Spice Seasoning blend is an economical, sensible, and cost-effective way to add fresh, pure, & and mouth-watering taste and flavors to your day-to-day meals and menus without getting into the hassle of purchasing a lot of other spices and herbs. 

Health Benefits

All of our spice seasoning blends are preservative-free, additive-free, filler-free, sugar free and contain zero salt content.

Improves Digestion

This phenomenal spice & herb blend is loaded with biochemicals that improve digestion in many dimensions. These compounds promote the growth of healthy bacteria in your intestines that enhance and protect your digestive system.

Boost Immunity

This classic spice mix contains certain spices & herbs such as turmeric, ginger, coriander, and cinnamon, and many other. These spices and herbs are strong anti-oxidant & anti-inflammatory agents that tone down the acute inflammation and scale up the normal immune response.

Cuts down Weight

Chermoula spice mix can be a complete all-in-one spice package. A whole variety of spices & herbs are conveniently packed together in a single container so that you don't find the need to add any other additional items to add flavor to your salads. Cut down on sugar and salt in your meals and move towards weight loss.

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