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Rendang Spice Mix Powder

Leena Spices

A Perfect Pair for one of The Best Rendang Curry of The World

Rendang is one of the most famous foods in Indonesia. In 2017 CNN ranked and placed Rendang as the first number of the most delicious food in the world. To cook the best, finest, and top-of-the-range rendang, you need to have a secret magical mixture of spice that does the trick to provoke the depth of flavor and to make you drool out of foodgasm. Here is an excellent new Rendang Spice Mix Powder with all the desired secret ingredients. It includes spices & herbs to cook the best, and the most authentic rending dish that is extravagantly delicious and has all the legendary complex flavors within it.

Rendang Spice Mix Powder has all the potential to produce a classic royal duke of all the curries which you cannot resist yourself grabbing a bite of. Having this spice mix is nothing less than having fun while cooking in the kitchen!

What is Rendang?

Rendang is a blisteringly aromatic, slow-cooked, iconic dry-based meat curry stewed in coconut milk and a mixture of spices such as garlic, cumin, lemongrass, shallot, and turmeric. There are many versions of rendang, such as beef rendang, chicken rendang, and lamb rendang. Beef rendang is the most popular among all versions that gets the thumbs up globally.

History & native countries of Rendang

Rendang seems to be originated from West Sumatra, Indonesia, where domestic buffalo is used for cooking as food. This dish was used to symbolize wealth. Rich people and wealthy communities were in the habit of showcasing and flaunting their elite class by slaughtering the entire buffalo for feasting.

To make the meat of buffalo tender, juicy, and yummy, it was sauteed in coconut milk and a variety of spices and herbs on low flam over a long period of time until it turned into a perfectly dry and thick lavish curry.

Being from its native country, Indonesia, and because of its finger-licking flavor and taste bud stimulating aroma, it won people's hearts across Malaysia and Singapore.

Flavor Profile of Rendang Spice Mix Powder

The flavor profile of this spice blend is quite different and is much inspired by the Indonesian cuisine flavor. This resourceful spice mix has an extraordinary depth of flavors and has more than a single layer of spices. It's not too hot and spicy that blow your mind away. Mild to medium flavor of spice mix makes it palatable for all family members, from kids to mummy to grandma. Rendang Spice Mix Powder is everyone's eye favorite because of its multi-layered flavors, with the combination of spices such as sweet, salty, savory, smokey, and acidic.

This epic spice blend gets the earthy, spicy, herbaceous, and nutty hints from cumin and coriander, as both share similar flavor traits. Shallots give the kick of onion-like sharpness while garlic produces sulfurous nuance. Cassia offers the right balance of sweet and spicy. Lemongrass bid the taste to produce citric & lemony tart without overpowering other flavors of the spice mix.


Ingredients that make this Fancy Rendang Spice Mix Powder


  • Black pepper
  • Coriander
  • Cumin
  • Lemongrass
  • Garlic
  • Ginger
  • Fennel
  • Shallots
  • Turmeric
  • Cassia
  • Galangal

Dazzling Rendang Spice Mix Flavor Pairings

It is a profoundly South East Asian condiment and can be perfectly paired with;

Beef Rendang

Adding Rendang Spice Mix Powder while cooking beef rendang curry aids to achieve the best and the most authentic flavor and texture that stay close to the taste and aroma of the original recipe. It is an earmark of Southeast Asian cuisine.

Chicken Rendang

Rendang Spice Mix Powder awakens all the wonderful aromas when toasted in the chicken rendang curry. This spice mix has become a favorite flavor of chicken lovers.

Lamb/ Mutton Rendang

For those who are mutton enthusiasts, Rendang Spice Blend softens and tenderizes lamb meat that just melts in the mouth once it's cooked

All the versions of rendang work incredibly well with rice, noodles, & bread.

Easy to Prepare

Adding Rendang Spice Mix Powder is a straightforward way to cook rendang curry, which promises deliciousness and delivers maximum flavor for minimum fuss. It makes cooking from scratch as easy as possible.

Balanced| Ready-to-use Spice Mix

This spice mix allows you to cook a little loose with the exact amount of ingredients. To create a perfectly balanced spice blend, just grab the Rendang Spice Mix Powder and make yourself free from adapting 'glug-of-this' and 'pinch-of-that' style of mixing together different spices


Rendang Spice Mix Powder contains multiple powerhouse ingredients, buying of which gets you nothing but a balanced Asian-inspired spice blend that's is surely better than spending bucks on purchasing a whole lot of spices to have the same full-bodied flavor and fragrance.

Turns the dish from drab to fab

Leena Rendang Spice Mix amusingly tenderize the meat and gives a thick coating of amazing complete flavors on each piece, turning the curry from drab to fab that tells its ultra-tenderness and richness off the plate.

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