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Chickpeas Black Chana – Black Garbanzo Beans

Black chickpeas are also known as Garbanzo beans or kala channa. Part of a vegetarian diet they are a great source of protein, dietary fiber and complex carbohydrates. Also rich in vitamins and minerals they are widely used in Middle East and India. 

Black chickpeas or black chana are from the family of pale yellow garbanzo beans. So are also called black garbanzo beans. However, they are smaller than yellow chickpeas and come in various colors ranging from dark brown to black. They have a nutty flavor and a solid texture that makes them versatile.

Scientific Properties 

Common Name: desi chickpeas, desi chana, Kala chana, Ceci Neri, or garbanzo beans.

Botanical Name: Cicer arietinum

Kingdom: Plantae

Family: Fabaceae

Subfamily: Faboideae

Genus: Cicer

Specie: C. arietinum

Background and Native Country

Black chickpeas are common around the world. They are grown and produced by many countries such as Iran, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Mexico, etc. However, they are native to India and a small area of Italy.

Both countries grow different types of traditional chickpeas. They're known as Kala Chana in India and Ceci Neri in Italy, notably in the southern parts of Puglia and Basilicata. The Italian black chickpeas are larger than Indian black chickpeas or even darker in color.

Aside from the fact that they're both slightly nuttier in flavor than more typical chickpeas, their color is what sets them apart. They can be prepared and utilized simultaneously, resulting in a unique and striking hummus.

Taste and Texture of Black Beans

Black chickpeas have a somewhat different flavor than ordinary, white chickpeas. They are a nuttier – and have a more robust, starchy texture than regular chickpeas. They are firmer from the inside. Therefore, they do not become entirely soft during cooking or crumble apart.

Culinary Uses

Black chickpeas or Kala chana are chickpeas that are high in protein and are commonly used in Indian dishes such as curries and chaats.

They are also primarily used in Middle Eastern cuisines and are famous for classic dishes like hummus and falafel. Consumers also add crushed black chana into flour for even more versatility.

Black chickpeas are a terrific addition to salads, especially sprouted ones, because they keep their shape.

To prepare an excellent side dish, softly sauté them with freshly sliced onions, minced cilantro, and lime juice.

With or without additional veggies, Kala chana makes a delicious complement to naan or roti.

Nutritional Facts

Nutritional Values of Kala Chana 1 cup = 1 serving

Calories 210

Fat 3.8g

Carbohydrates 35g

Sodium 322mg

Sugars 6g

Fiber 9.6g

Protein 10.7g

Health Benefits of Eating Black Beans

Black chickpeas are a nutritious food to include in your diet. Like most pulses and legumes, Kala chana is high in fiber, which keeps you full for hours.

Soaked Kala chana is abundant in minerals like magnesium and potassium, which assist in lowering bad cholesterol and avoiding excessive blood pressure. Thus, it improves heart health.

In addition, regular consumption promotes the formation of butyrate, a fatty acid that decreases inflammation.

It is a fantastic option for individuals looking to lose weight because it is high in protein and fiber.

The antioxidants in Kala chana reduce the incidence of colon, breast, and lung cancer."

People with diabetes can also eat them in small amounts. They are high in calcium and iron, which help to develop red blood cells (RBC) and hemoglobin levels.


Raw black Chana should be stored at room temperature in an airtight container. Once cooked, they can be kept in a sealed container in the refrigerator for up to 5 days and in the freezer for up to 6 months.

Before cooking, always wash and clean them in a bowl, as they can sometimes be contaminated with extremely minute stones and debris.

After one year, the black chickpeas take longer to soak and cook as they lose their moisture with time.


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Andrew B.
New Zealand New Zealand

Great quality, great service.

I placed an order for quite a few things around Christmas time. They were very busy around then, so I enquired when I could expect my delivery. They noticed I was in Hamilton and they weren't too far away, so they had someone deliver it in person! Great service! Quality has been really good too.

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