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This ingredient is also called Rampe, Rampa, Rampah

Pandan leaves are lovingly known as the vanilla of Asian sub-continent. These are also called vanilla grass or fragrant screwpine because of its fragrance which is sweet and floral.  Used for centuries by South East Asian communities to add flavor to desserts and drinks, wrap food, and rice, this herbaceous plant  combines an unsusual aroma to Asian cuisine. This fascinating plant can be hailed as the future avocado for its wide versatility in cooking. The unique attractive smell of the Pandan is indescribable. Compare this herb with a sensual oozing and sweet smell of vanilla to a refreshing grassy tinge or to reminiscent of a freshly mowed lawn and also to the mildew drops after rain.

Pandan leaves hold a special place in  most Asian hearts. The strong smell serves as a breath of fresh air in  savory dishes, like cakes and confectionaries. These are normally used to infuse dishes like rice, curry and desserts, either to enhance the flavors or bring out the color. Pandan leaf is a vital part of various curry recipes in Malaysian, Thai and Balinese cookery. In Malaysian and Singaporean dishes, the more common would be Malay dishes like Ayam Masak Merah, and Nasi lemak. These leaves additionally enhance the flavor of seasoned rice as well. In Malaysia and Indonesia, some fragrant rice made with pandan are Nasi Padang, Nasi Minyak, and Nasi Koning.

The unwinding and diuretic properties of this wonder plant have been demonstrated to be an astonishingly  successful relief for pain. It assists with calming the nerves and soothing cramps. The smoothness and calmness of its fragrance plays a major part in relieving headaches, reducing hypertension and lowering blood pressure. It even assists with stress and sleeping disorders, that is a common medical symptom nowadays. With its detoxifying capability when drinking pandan tea with lemon could be an incredible energizer. Pandan leaves also help to recuperate from exhaustion and are an excellent source for invigoration.

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The aromatic leaves pairs beautifully with fish, pork, chicken, seafood, noodles, rice, and veggies. Can also be added to savory and sweet cooking. Most commonly used in Asian soups and curries

It is a well chosen ingredient in our Sri Lankan Spice Blend

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