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Alfa Alfa powder

Common name

Lucerne/ Rijka/ Rajko/ Zi Mu/ Chilean Clover/ Purple Medicle /Buffalo herb / Sanfoin

Scientific name

Medicago sativa





Background and native countries

The name Alfalfa has its origin from the Arabic al-fac-facah, meaning "Father Of All Food." It is a leguminous herb that has commenced in South-Central Asia & was first cultivated in aged Iran. It made its way to Greece around 490 BC when Persians invaded in Greek empire.

Cropping and harvesting

There are tons of options to harvest alfalfa, from nipping at the bud stage to trimming at 10% bloom, half bloom, full bloom, or even cropping by the calendar. Scientific researches claim that the herb's content of minerals & wholesome nutrients skyrockets during the succulent growth phase and skydives during flowering and maturity while fiber density escalates.

Taste and aroma

Alfalfa is a flowering perennial plant descending from the Fabaceae or pea family. It has a dippy, bitter, & ethereally sweet flavor with a lush green texture.

Culinary uses

Alfalfa comes under the category of superfood. Alfalfa powder is infused into smoothies, blended juices, & soups to boost nutrient intake. It is also be sprinkled over food for garnishing the dishes, which gives the lush organic feel and is pleasant to look at.

Benefits and medical uses

Alfalfa powder is a nutrient-dense food. It is packed with high content of fiber as a member of the legume family. This property makes it to prevent cholesterol absorption in the gut. Every 100g of alfalfa powder contains 8,000 IU of vitamin A & 20,000-40,000 IU of vitamin K, which helps to limit excessive bleeding.

Minerals & vitamins accessible in alfalfa eliminate toxins from blood & internal organs, improve blood circulation, and resume glow & healthy skin. It is richly filled with calcium and fluoride, which fortify bones & teeth.

This grassy flavored powder is ready to become beneficial in addressing upset stomach, prostate conditions, kidney conditions, high cholesterol. Phyto-estrogen in alfalfa helps to counterpoise low estrogen levels. Being an antioxidant, alfalfa powder has anti-cancer properties.


Powder alfalfa can be stored up to 9_18 months when rapped within a plastic bag, made airtight, and handle with care & technique.

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