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Chickpeas also called Garbanzo beans are rich in nutrients. These plant based peas are one of the oldest to be produced in human history. These are high in protein and enjoyed as a vegetarian food. It is also popular and cooked with meat.

Scientific Properties

Common names: Garbanzo Bean (Spanish), Ceci bean (Italian), Sanagalu (Telegu), Chana (Hindi, Urdu), Hummus (Arabic), Egyptian Peas, or Bengal gram

Botanical names: Cicer arietinum

Kingdom: Plantae

Family: Legumes

Origin: south-eastern Turkey and adjoining Syria

Specie: C. arietinum

Background and Cultivation

Around 7500 years ago, the Middle East was the birthplace for chickpea. Ancient Romans, Greeks, and Egyptians enjoyed it once it was initially cultivated about 3000 BC. The Spanish adventurers of the 16th century introduced chickpea to the rest of the globe for the first time.

Culinary Uses

As a sauce and bread dip, Middle Easterners love hummus, which is made by mashing chickpeas with lemon juice, olive oil, and tahini.

On the other hand, Falafel, a classic Middle Eastern meal, is made with fried chickpea cakes or balls that have been mashed and boiled.

Chickpeas are a frequent addition to soups, salads, and stews in parts of southern Europe and Latin America.

Ground Garbanzo beans can also be used to make Farinata, socca, torta di ceci, or cecina, or they may be combined with wheat or other flour.

Health Benefits

Chickpeas are an excellent plant-based protein source, making them a good choice for vegetarians and vegans.

There are several methods in which chickpeas might help lower your blood sugar.

Moreover, chickpeas can help in healing skin diseases such as warts. When cooked with honey they can help with treating rashes or cancerous sores.

However, use raw chickpea flour mixed with yogurt and treat eczema and other skin allergies.

Chickpeas beans also help during labor.

Fiber and protein in chickpeas may also help manage blood sugar. In addition to providing several digestive health advantages, chickpeas are rich in fiber.

Chickpeas outstanding nutritional profile suggests that they may help with cognitive performance and emotional well-being. This is partly because they are an excellent source of choline, a nutrient critical to cognitive function.

These peas are also a good source of iron, with a serving containing 26% of the DV (164 grams).

Red blood cell synthesis, brain development, muscle metabolism, and other elements of health are all affected by iron.

Storage and Suggestions

Ensure that cooked chickpeas are cold before storing them in an airtight jar in the fridge.

Roasted chickpeas taste best when eaten immediately for maximum crunch. Keep them at room temperature in a container with the lid.

Cooking Instructions

Soaking the chickpeas before cooking softens them and easy to digest.

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